Moncarapacho is a small country town in the middle of an area which is home to orange orchards and horticulture. It exudes a calm, unhurried atmosphere of people going about their business in a relaxed and friendly way. The 'centre' of Moncarapacho is a charming cobbled square alongside the church where you can sit and have a drink or a meal beneath the jacoranda and palm trees and be made to jump by the church clock striking.

The town offers all the basic facilities, including three good small supermarkets and a small local produce market. There are also several decent restaurants and plenty of pavement cafés. It even has its own tiny museum and a pink, arabic-style police station.

Moncarapacho has a market on the first Saturday of each month. For four days in the summer it comes alive with a big agricultural market, complete with local cuisine, dancing and music, and everything for sale from baskets to tractors.

It also comes alive in February for the 'carnival' which is really very good for a small town and is locally quite famous.

Outside the town are the hills of Cerro de Cabeça and São Miguel, two wild areas in which you can walk and enjoy spectacular views of the Eastern Algarve coast. There is also a good ceramic factory shop on the edge of the town which is locally noteworthy.