Lagos Zoo

The idea was maturing, to the extent that Paul has always maintained a strong connection with the animals, in particular with the horses and birds.

Many times were requested visits to the Farm, by tourists and schools, and from this adventure, which is an exhausting work at the level of conservation, education and nature protection, was a natural step. And because it is located in the Lagos Council, Lagos Zoo Park was born. Thus, all nature lovers can enjoy this space of leisure, Educational and Conservation simultaneously.

"I want to thank this dream of mine to all those who always taught me that in life there are no impossible." Paul Figueiras


Built in the end of 1997, the Lagos Zoo was inaugurated on the 16th of November 2000, with the sponsorship of Maria João Abreu and José Raposo.

The design of the spaces, the movement of land, planting trees, logs and rocks and extreme care in details according to the species, the Zoo Park Lakes, had the recognition that today enjoys the good animal welfare residents, architectural simplicity and call to reflection.



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